Thank you for your interest in Aspire Trade High School!  The school is currently scheduled to open fall of 2023.  Please fill out and submit this form to get more information on the school and our future enrollment process.

Submitting this form indicates your interest in enrollment, however, this is not an enrollment form. We will put you on our email list and contact you with information as it becomes available.

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How to Enroll at Aspire Trade High School

For the first year of operation at Aspire Trade High School, only ninth and tenth grade students will be enrolled. Under the current plan, Aspire Trade High School will have a 30-day open enrollment period beginning in January of 2023 for the 2023-2024 school year. Every applicant will receive a lottery number that will be needed if more students enroll than the school can accommodate. If there are more applications than seats available, a publicly-held drawing will be conducted. This will be conducted by an independent party to ensure lack of bias. Potential students do not have to be present to be accepted to the school. Numbers drawn will be posted on the school website within two business days so that students and families can view the list. Students may remain on the waiting list using the number originally assigned to them.

Enrollment packages will be mailed out to all students that were selected within one week of the lottery. Prospective students of Aspire Trade High School will have 30 days to return their enrollment package. Students cannot accept by phone or email. On the 21st day after the packages have been mailed the school will send an email and make a phone call to remind students that the deadline is approaching. If the package is not returned by the 30th day the student will forfeit their seat and the next student on the waiting list will be called. A package will be mailed to their current address. They will be given 30 days to return their enrollment package. The process will continue until enrollment packages are received for every available seat. If enrolled students do not attend the first day of school a call will be made to the home to determine if the student will attend. If the student is not going to attend a call will be made to the next student on the waiting list to give them an opportunity to enroll.

Enrollment packages for Aspire Trade High School will include:
1) Proof of address
2) Date of birth
3) Emergency contact information
4) Name of address of previous school
5) Immunization records
6) Home language survey
7) Transportation survey

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