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Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment Instructions

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ATHS Enrollment Directions

Instrucciones de inscripción de ATHS

What is a charter school?
Charter schools are public schools that provide parents and students a choice in education. All charter schools are required to take State mandated tests and follow the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Local, state and federal dollars follow the student to the charter school based on per pupil spending. Charter schools abide by equal opportunity laws and do not discriminate, have religious affiliations and are tuition free.

Who is eligible to attend Aspire Trade High School?
For the 2023-2024 school year, we are enrolling students in 9th and 10th grade. We will continue to add an incoming 9th grade class each year after that. After being accepted into Aspire Trade HIgh School, families will be asked to provide documentation of North Carolina residence in order to enroll. A driver’s License, utility bill, or lease agreement are all acceptable forms of documentation.

How much does it cost to attend Aspire Trade High School?
Aspire Trade High School is a tuition free charter school.

Does Aspire Trade High School offer athletics?

Aspire Trade High School does not plan to have sports for students since the focus will be immersion into the trade programs the students select. We will consider options for potential clubs if the interest arises.

Does Aspire Trade High School offer foreign language classes?

Aspire Trade High School will partner with the North Carolina Virtual Public School to allow students who are interested in taking a foreign language to do so. Courses will be taken independently, but there will be time built into the school day that will periodically allow for flexibility and independent work time. 

Will Aspire Trade High School provide transportation to students? 

Aspire Trade High School will establish a limited number of shuttle stops in cluster areas to be determined by administrative staff. School staff will also support families with coordinating carpools.

Does Aspire Trade High School have an Exceptional Children (EC) program?

All charter schools are required to offer the continuum of special education services for students.