SteelFab is partnering with Aspire Trade High School to introduce young, eager interns and apprentices into the shop environment. Students will be given the opportunity to join our SteelFab University internship program, which brings the national resources of our organization to a local level, offering students the opportunity to earn while they learn.

SteelFab is excited to partner with Aspire Trade High School to help build the welding program. The welding lab will be equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and technology, providing students with the knowledge and skill sets needed to be successful in the steel industry.

About SteelFab

SteelFab designs, details, fabricates and constructs steel structures for commercial and industrial projects throughout the United States. Our thirteen fabrication facilities across the country utilize the latest high-tech machinery and cutting-edge computer-driven processes to bring the pieces needed to life with the precision our customers rely on. Over 1,400 highly skilled employees put their craftsmanship, knowledge and passion into every piece that leaves our plants!

SteelFab, Inc. is third-generation family-owned company and was founded by J. Glenn Sherrill in 1955. SteelFab has evolved from a local handrail fabricator in Charlotte, NC into a national brand with 13 fabrication facilities and 16 offices across the country. We are still privately owned today and continue to reflect the same core values that started us in 1955. Our team has grown significantly over the decades, and it’s easy to point to our top-of-the-line fabrication services as the reason why. But there’s more to it than that. SteelFab has grown into a national leader in steel fabrication in large part because of our team’s commitment to doing what is right. A lot has changed at SteelFab over the years, but through all the growth and innovation behind the scenes, our core values have never wavered.

Our mission is to provide the construction industry with quality fabricated steel products and services at competitive prices. In accomplishing this, we will treat our customers, employees and suppliers in a fair and equitable manner.

We pride ourselves on our attention to our client. SteelFab’s focus is solely serving clients and building relationships, whether it is one single handrail or a brand-new soccer stadium. We also take care of our internal SteelFab family, supporting each other so we can effectively and enjoyably tackle any client need that comes our way.